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Bundled Package Deals for Phone - TV - Internet

It's no secret that telephone and cable companies are now offering bundled services that include phone, television, and Internet service on the same bill, and many times for a lower price than if you had purchased your services separately. One can't really say the telephone company bundle is better than the cable company bundle, or the opposite since they both have their pros and cons that just come with the technology that deliver the services.

When you order a bundled package from a phone company, you cannot get cable TV as part of that bundle. Why? Because it's a phone company! The phone company, and cable company are long time rivals, and are in no way going to share a cut of the market if they don't have to. This means the phone company has to find some other way to deliver TV service to your home, and this is normally satellite TV supplied by Dish Network, or DirecTV.

Now, don't go to DirecTV or Dish Network and ask them for phone service because they're going to laugh at you. I won't go into too much detail as to why because all you really need to know is there are only to kind of companies that offer a bundled plan, and those are cable, and phone companies. Getting back to the differences in technologies, your phone company will also always supply dialup, or DSL Internet service, and most likely landline phone service.

On the other hand, your cable company will obviously supply cable TV service, but their phone service is digital. There's really nothing fancy about it, you just pick up the phone, and dial the number you want to call the same way you always have. You'll just be paying your cable company for your phone service. Your cable company will also supply high speed Internet through your cable line, and most users agree cable Internet is a little faster than DSL.

Since cable Internet, and DSL are both broadband Internet services, you can use both for anything you may need a broadband Internet connection for. Assuming you have a choice between the two where you live, one thing you may want to consider is while cable Internet is a little faster than DSL, and the TV service a little more reliable, you can only get your cell phone service as part of a bundle through your phone company. It wouldn't surprise me if the cable companies came out with their own form of cellular in the next few years, but as of today cellular is strictly Ma and Pa Bell.

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