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What color does your crew prefer on the job site? Do your guys prefer yellow and black tools by DeWalt or maybe the blue of Bosch or Makita? Perhaps the red of Milwaukee tools, the grey of Porter Cable, or the black of Skil? What ever color your team uses, they have one thing in common; they have to get the job done. And to get any job done, you need power.

Power for tools comes in two main types; corded and cordless. There are benefits and drawbacks to each. Corded tools will work for as long as there is a connection to a generator or power grid. Their limitation is the length and size of your power cord and standing water on site. This can be overcome with a GFCI built into a power cord and a thicker wire such as a 12 gauge wire.

Cordless tools use batteries to provide power as long as they last. These power tool batteries have gotten to be as powerful as a corded tool. With the advent of multiple battery chargers, cordless power can be used on any jobsite. One of the best chargers around is by DeWalt and includes a radio for jobsite entertainment. Batteries can have a major drawback in that they can stop holding a charge for various reasons. These reasons include a memory charge buildup, a set number of charging cycles, and heat sensitivity. A battery memory charge buildup occurs on older Nickel Cadmium batteries that have not been completely discharged before recharging. The new Lithium ion batteries do not get this memory buildup as quickly and tend to wear out due to age or charging cycles. And when a battery will no longer charge, make sure to recycle it properly so it doesnít contaminate the environment.

Generators provide good power for a jobsite where a connection to the power grid is unavailable. Generators do have drawbacks in that they may surge due to power requirements from different simultaneous users and the maximum rated load of the generator. Knowing the power demands of your tools will help you to determine what size generator you need. Remember, just because there is an open outlet doesnít mean there is sufficient power. Generators also require regular maintenance and care and it may be wise to look at porter cable generator parts. Keeping a log for all your tools will help you to prevent damage and ensure many productive hours.

No matter what the color of your tools, make sure you choose one that will meet your power needs. Your jobsite and type of work will determine your needs. Donít forget that power is an integral part of your business success as down time can cost you serious money. The right parts and tools will save you money as you make money. Careful planning can help prevent injuries and keep your crew productive.

John Gilber is a freelance writer for eReplacementparts.com. Go now to eReplacementparts.com to find a large selection of power tool batteries, porter cable generator parts, and power tool battery chargers.

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