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Luke Skywalker Character - Balance to the One

Luke Skywalker is one of the most important characters in the Starwars saga. The actor who would portray this key person in the films is Mark Hamill. In the episodes of Starwars about Luke we find that he has a constant struggle to face. Finding the good path is really not all that faced Skywalker. Instead it was about finding the path that would lead him to restoring balance to the force. For such a young person, with limited education in the ways of the force, this would present inner conflict.

Ultimately the greatest challenge that Luke had to face involved his own family. His desire to regain his father, Anakin who became the great villain Darth Vader, was as strong as his own father's desire to bring him to his side. Facing up to this unavoidable path for the two characters in the trilogy would fuel the curiosity of the series.

Other personas would play a key role in molding Luke Skywalker into the hero he would become. Trusted to watch over Luke and shadow the child would become the Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi or otherwise known to Luke as Old Ben. Obi-Wan would be key to introducing Luke to the ways of the force and giving him his father's jedi weapon - the lightsaber.

And then there is Yoda. Yoda, while not trusting the progeny of Anakin Skywalker, took on the challenge of training the young adult Luke. He eventually on his death bed would reveal to Luke that his father is the menace of the galaxy, Vader.

While Anakin was destined to bring balance to the force in reality it was Luke who would bring balance to the one who would.

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