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Is Father's Day just another day for children to spend all their money and department stores to cash in on all the care being shown? That is how it seems to be now that the world has become so commercialized. Power tool companies thrive on fathers day as people look for their father's favorite brand of tools-DeWALT Parts. What is the history of this great day?

Mothers have their day, so fathers should have theirs, right? It has been told that Father's Day was just a holiday created to compensate for the fact that all the mothers were being praised and celebrated and the fathers were not. However, do you really think that the fathers would feel left out for not getting that praise? Well, yeah, I do too. But, this is not how Father's Day was started, believe it or not.

Let's go back in time to a state known as West Virginia. Ironically, the day that we celebrate our mothers, also known as Mother's Day, was celebrated first some fifteen miles away. Could it be that some fathers got jealous in the neighboring town and so therefore their sympathetic wives created a holiday for them too? That's what it appears to be but it actually wasn't like that at all. (I suppose it could be but there was no documentation.) In all reality, the true reason for the first start of celebrating Father's Day is not a happy one. In December of 1901, there was a tragic mine explosion where 361 men were killed. To honor those men, services were held the following July in 1907. This holiday did not become official until 1972 during the presidency of Richard Nixon.

After that, this special day become one to find a good gift for your father. The department stores are cashing in on it, but I don't think the fathers mind. Now the question is; what is that perfect Father's Day gift? Several prefer to get their father something in the electronics department. Hey, it is a commendable idea. Really though, Several of the father's out there today…at least the more experienced and elderly ones, would not know how to use the majority of things found in the electronics department.

So what is the best idea for the majority of the fathers out there? Power tools. Yeah, power tools. Well, you might be saying, "my day already has a bunch of power tools." Have you ever wondered though, how many of those power tools have had their routine check up? Meaning, many times dad's power tools don't run, or are missing parts.

That's why buying just the replacement parts instead of the actual tool might be the best gift. After all, they are less expensive anyway. Mother's Day has come and gone. While you were home visiting your mother and celebrating her day did you happen to look into your dad's power tool collection and see how many of his tools could use some Makita Parts? Or, if your mother is the bigger power tool user in the family, maybe you already got some Bosch Parts for her. After all, she probably does most of the work around the home anyway.

Jason Luke is a creative writer at ioVentures, Inc. Go now to eReplacementparts.com where you will find an enormous selection of DeWALT Parts, Porter Cable Parts and your Father's much needed DeWALT Table Saw Parts.

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