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Stop the Voltage Drop and Reduce your Cable Costs with a Constant Voltage Compensator

High copper prices have a great impact on power cable prices, especially for larger sized cables having long runs. Prices have sky-rocketed over the last few years and it is with this in mind that  Ashley-Edison developed a product to "compensate" for the problem.

Many owners, developers and contractors have to suffer this expensive problem, but by incorporating a "Constant Voltage Compensator" an installation cost may be drastically reduced.

When the voltage across a cable drops to a low value, the "Compensator" is able to detect this and compensate by boosting the voltage to a preset value - of say 400V. Using an "output sensor" it will continuously monitor the output voltage, which is checked against a "comparator", and if there is any shortfall it will instruct the transformer to add (+) or "boost" the voltage to its required value by means of a servo motor. In this way, the output voltage is continuously monitored and maintained.

This system does not emit any harmonics and has been a well proven voltage stabiliser design, in use for many years.

The "Compensator" is very suitable for use on Golf Course Lighting/Equipment, Perimeter Lighting applications and Farm/Estate Buildings etc. where long cable runs are an issue.

Both Indoor and Outdoor enclosure types are available to suit a variety of needs.

Alternative "Booster Transformers" have a main disadvantage as their output voltage is "following". This means that whatever the input voltage, the "transformed step-up" output voltage will not remain constant - fluctuating according to any load changes which will transmit to the load where it may be too high or too low. The voltage from no-load to full-load will cause the voltage drop to change drastically, which will not help improve the voltage drop. The "less than 4% volt drop window" is still not fulfilled and it is required to use a larger than necessary cable size. In fact, this does not help resolve the problem of expensive cables!

Simon Dover is an operations manager at Ashley-Edison International - a leading power protection solution provider. To learn more about the unique and cost efficient voltage regulation solutions they provide - checkout http://www.ashleyedison.com

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