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Venture Capital in Albuquerque Robust

The New Mexico Economic Development Association along with the State of New Mexico and the University of Mexico are teaming up with several Venture Capital Groups and putting their money where their mouth is and seeding 1.8 million dollars to the program. The State of New Mexico seems to be following the lead of many other very progressive states with State Sponsored Initiatives to spark Venture Capital Funds with private enterprise.

As you may know New Mexico is looking forward to being a state, which manufacturers low-cost private jets and also has its own space port to stay on the leading edge of future technologies. Both Flywheel Venture Capital and vSpring Capital are two of the Venture Capital Companies fully engaged on assisting technologies from the University of New Mexico and other entrepreneurial upstarts in New Mexico.

If you will recall previously that Bill Gates, Paul Allen and the Microsoft Team were once based in New Mexico and I bet New Mexico has never forgotten that they missed the chance of a lifetime there. Having Microsoft Head Quartered in New Mexico would have changed that state forever and perhaps made Albuquerque, New Mexico one of the high-tech capital hot spots of the world. Perhaps you will consider all this in 2006.

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