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Watch Satellite TV On PC Without The Dish

Many people can't grasp this idea at all. I find a lot of people just think it's simply impossible to do this. However, younger individuals and more tech savvy individuals believe this is possible and are open to the idea.

Many people have satellite programming in their homes today. Most of these people have paid someone to come and set up the dishes, LNB's and receivers. As a result most people are not very tech savvy and when the receiver gets zapped and the programming goes down they simply don't know how to update the receiver or enter the new codes. This kind of business is really great for your satellite guy. You keep going back to him or her and you keep paying him or her to update you're receiver. If you're tech savvy then you won't do this, but you still have to deal with your satellite going down every so often.

Now there is an alternative if you don't want to deal with all the hassles involved with conventional FTA satellite systems. The alternative is to use Satellite PC TV software, which enable you to watch satellite quality programming from your computer. However, if you don't want to go this route there are some other ways to get satellite on your PC. Many of these methods are more costly and more complex however.

A PCTV card is a hardware component you have to add to your computer. This will enable you to have a cable output on the back of your PC. So you can connect your cable into your PC and boom. Your PC now has cable television. The issue here is if you do want satellite programming as well, you will have to program the card, and also connect a mini dish to your computer. Which is basically a full dish installation system.

Another way to get satellite programming is to find live web feeds. The internet is very powerful these days and if you Google certain search terms like: Watch satellite TV on PC how to watch satellite on pc, satellite TV pc, satellite on pc, satellite TV for pc. You will come across many sites that have live feeds. Once again some sites may require you to pay a fee, and most sites will only have a couple feeds, which would mean you would have to limit what you watch.

I personally have tried both these methods and have not been very satisfied. I eventually came across a solid satellite tv to pc program called Satellite TV to PC Elite Edition 2007. It's allows you to watch over 3000 channels, and you get all the same programming as a regular FTA satellite system.

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