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Cable Tire Chains

Tire chains are extremely important for vehicles during winter season as it protects the traction of these vehicles from heavy snowfall and ice on roads. Various parts of America experience moderate to heavy snowfall in winter, which keeps on accumulating on the roads. Snow hardens to ice and makes roads slippery and dangerous to drive on.

Various types of cable tire chains are specified for different vehicles such as those for passenger cars, single light trucks, heavy trucks, and special police and emergency vehicles. It is suggested that customers may select an appropriate tire chain according to their preference, choice and need of their vehicle. A type of tire chain used is cable tire chain. Metal straps of this particular kind of tire chain are lined parallel to each other and look similar to cables that are lined paralleled to each other. Hence the names cable tire chains.

Cable tire chain is a compound laid rope consisting of many ropes and layers of different strands laid collectively into one rope. Another type is side cable in which a stranded cable is used to complete one full circumference along the sidewalls of the tire. Stranded cables are wrapped or covered in order to provide greater resistance to abrasive wear and tear. It could either be a spring wire, a high- carbon steel wire or nylon wire of type 6 or 12. Traction reinforcement sleeves covering the cable from side connector enclose the wrapped or covered cable.

Cross cable length from inside including fasteners held in the same plane are within a tolerance level of minus 1/8 inch to plus 1/8 inch of the specified length indicated by the chain manufacturers' specifications. Side cable length is within the tolerance of minus1/8 inch to plus inch of the length indicated by specifications mentioned by chain manufacturers.

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