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The Small Business Owners Guide to Zip Ties

Cash register? Check. Employees? Check. Zip ties? Wait a second. Zip ties were not on the small business checklist. Until now. Many small business owners are already using zip ties to bundle cords and cables in their stores or home offices. But zip ties have a myriad of uses, offering convenience and affordability in the pursuit of the American dream.

Dry Cleaners

Multiple pieces from the same customer can be secured with a simple zip tie. Cleaners can keep their racks organized and customers can avoid misplacing an item. An extra dose of customer service will keep a store a cut above the rest.


Necklaces, rings, and other accessories are easily fastened to their tags through the use of a zip tie. Lock the tie on the back of the tag. Then cut the excess tie to help display the product with a crisp, sharp presentation.

Florists and Vineyards

Some plants need a little help while they grow. Orchids, grapevines, and the like can be attached to sturdy apparatuses with zip ties. Effective yet inconspicuous, zip ties allow the plant be the main event.

Retail Store Owners

Zip ties make excellent fasteners to hang signs announcing a sale or other announcement. The marvelously robust zip ties aren’t going anywhere soon and neither will store signs.


Connecting stall mats, constructing wire chicken cages, bundling tools – the possibilities are endless for the working farm. Zip ties can be used to temporarily replace broken lock on a gate or while preparing loads for the farmers market.

Zip Ties, while humble in appearance and simple in function, are remarkable gizmos that can save small business owners time and money.

Rick Ferguson
Zip Ties

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