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Beading Crimping Instructions

Crimping is the process of securing your wire to a clasp or creating a stop for a bead on wire. When beading jewelry you will use the crimping skill all the time. The best part about this beading skill is that it is very easy to learn.

You will need:

Crimp tube
Stringing wire
Crimping Pliers

Step 1. Thread the wire through the crimp tube, through the ring on the clasp

Step 2. Thread the wire back through the crimp tube

Step 3. Lay the crimp tube on the back portion of the crimping pliers

Step 4. Close the crimping pliers to squeeze the crimp tube flat

Step 5. Lay the flattened crimp tube on its side in the front space of the pliers

Step 6. Close the crimping pliers again to squeeze the crimp tube in half again

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You can cover a crimped bead with a crimp cover. This gives the illusion of another bead instead of seeing flattened metal. You can also find crimp beads that have a loop already on them. So instead of looping the wire through the clasp, you would crimp you wire, and cover the crimp bead with the crimp cover. Use a jump ring to hook the crimp cover and clasp together.

Happy Beading!

Jennifer Thoden

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