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Whats The Difference Between A Underfloor Heating Cable Mat And Cable Kit?

What is a cable kit?

Electric underfloor heating cable kits are quite simply the loose heating cable as one long continuous roll of wire on a spool. The cable kit requires you to loop the cable up and down the floor at a pre-determined cable spacing, this is worked out by dividing the free floor space by the length of cable, for example work out the floor space by multiplying the length of the room by the width 2m x 3m = 6sqm then multiply 6sqm by 150w this gives you 900w which is the cable size you need. A 900w cable will have 90 liner meters of cable on it at 10w per liner meter, then once you know the cable size divide the cable length by the area 90m/6sqm = 0.06cm cable spacing. The closer together the cables are the hotter it will be, the further apart they are the cooler it will be, try really hard to avoid irregular cable spacing as this will result in hot and cold spots on the floor.

The main advantage of the cable kit is installation into small irregular shaped areas were full flexibility is required such as a bathroom, or maybe a kitchen can be made a lot easier, and you would get better coverage.

What is a cable mat?

Electric underfloor heating cable mats are the same as a cable kit but the wire is pre-spaced on to a mesh for you so the hard work is already done. Most cable mats come in 500mm wide rolls and all you do is start were the thermostat location is and roll it out until the whole floor is covered. Some floor areas require two mats, and these both need to start from the thermostat, they can’t be “joined” together in one continuous length.

The main advantage with a cable mat is that if you have a fairly large area or square area then the installation time will be greatly reduced and also less risk of hot and cold spots.


Source: www.a1articles.com