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What TV Manufacturers Dont Want You To Know

If you listen to your local television (TV) salesperson, TV ads or the media, you will be mislead to believe you must get a high definition television (HDTV) before February 2009 or you will not be able to watch TV. They will tell you your old standard TV will be useless after February 2009, when the government has mandated all broadcast signals must be in digital High Definition (HD) format. This is absolutely not true. It is all a misleading sales pitch to try and get you to spend thousands of dollars on a new HDTV, when your existing TV will still work.

HDTVs do have a much better picture quality then standard TVs, but if you are not interested in that you definitely do not have to buy a new HDTV. If you have a standard top box (STB), also known as a cable box, with your cable or satellite system, your existing standard TV will work just fine. Just as it does today. The STB will continue to convert any digital channels into analog for your existing standard TV. If you have no STB but subscribe to cable you are also OK. Double check with your cable provider but almost all cable companies will continue to send analog signals. If for some reason they don't or will not some time in the future, all you will need is a STB from the cable provider. Most cable companies rent these boxes for under $10 a month.

Much better then shelling out several hundred or even thousands of dollars for a new HDTV. Now if you are using an over the air antenna or the traditional rabbit ears, you will need a HD tuner and converter. A HDTV converter box can be purchased for less then a hundred dollars. Some are even under fifty dollars. This box will not turn your standard TV into a HDTV, but it will allow you to watch the digital HD broadcast signal on your standard TV. Again, a lot better then paying for a new HDTV.

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