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What Are The Costs - Satellite TV vs Cable TV?

New technology such as computers, MP3 players, digital cameras all hit the high tech electronics market with huge price tags. Then as demand grows, and the process required to create these items becomes more cost effective the prices inevitably come down.

With Satellite TV the prices started at an affordable rate because of the realization that the ongoing revenue would be huge. This in turn has had an instant impact on cable companies.

When comparing Satellite TV to Cable TV, you are not comparing apples with apples!

I know that the end result may be similar; you get to watch television programs you want to watch, but there is much more to consider in the comparison.

After comparing Satellite TV to Cable TV we found that in our opinion the Satellite TV service was well over twice as good as Cable TV. We compared price, quality, features, benefits, coverage, versatility and speed of installation.

Satellite TV was cleverly launched on the market with seductive pricing and a benefit rich product. Cable TV very quickly became over-priced and yesterday's fashion. Cable TV, very effectively, served its purpose in the past providing a much needed service. Satellite TV has a big advantage with lower infrastructure costs and the ease in which the technology can be updated - making it the preferred choice of many consumers.

The comparison table of Satellite TV vs Cable TV is heavily weighted to Satellite TV. The Satellite TV features and benefits are substantial without even considering the state of the art satellite technology they use. The Satellite TV monthly subscription cost is less than a few visits to a coffee shop! At more than twice the price, Cable TV is offering less than half the programs and none of the satellite features.

In most cases there is an initial outlay when embracing new technology. Cable TV means a cost to purchase the equipment and pay for the installation. But not with Satellite TV. There is no charge for Satellite TV equipment or the installation and most times there are promotions with even more value thrown in.

This means that existing cable customers can move over to Satellite TV (a more technologically advanced system) without incurring any cost and save money every month!

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