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The Fire Alarm Technician Plays an Important Role in Public Safety

There is a long list of career paths that may interest those who wish to help make the world a safer place for us all. Careers in police work, fire fighting, and ambulance service may come to mind. However, there are other careers –important careers- that also play an equally pivotal role, but many of those careers are lesser known than their high profile counterparts. A fire alarm technician is one of those careers.

A fire alarm is a critical element of safety that each of us relies upon for our personal safety at work, home, and play. Fire alarms save lives and protect property each and everyday, and not one of us would ever consider buying a home or working in an office that did not have a functioning fire alarm system. But how often do we consider the fire alarm technician who ensures that those fire alarm systems are working? In many ways, the fire alarm technician is a keystone to the safety of us all, and it may be a career worth considering for those who possess an interest in public safety.

Fire alarm technicians are typically responsible for testing, repair, and installation of fire alarm systems. In addition, a fire alarm technician is responsible for executing testing and inspection programs and filing the proper reports in order to document the results of those tests and inspections. But before a fire alarm technician is ready to perform these important tasks, they must undergo a thorough training and, in many cases, an apprentice program.

A competent fire alarm technician must be well versed in all varieties of fire alarm systems as well as standard practices of the industry. Fire alarm technicians must have a considerable knowledge of the principles of electricity, as well as knowledge of blueprints and electrical diagrams. Fire alarm technicians must also have a thorough knowledge of the electrical and fire codes in the various locales in which they operate. When you add to that the knowledge needed to install and repair fire alarm systems, and the enormous responsibility that the job entails, it becomes evident that fire alarm technician is a valuable and important career.

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