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Pharmacy Technician Training

Pharmacy technician training is becoming a must in a profession that was once trained almost exclusively on the job. Until recently, most pharmacies had a pharmacist who took care of most of the duties associated with dispensing drugs. When the pharmacist needed a helping hand, he or she utilized staff from another part of the store, supervising while they counted out tablets for prescriptions, took prescription orders from customers and handled cash transactions. That has all changed.

Today, pharmacy technician certification is a blessing to the busy pharmacist who is occupied with patient counseling and filling of more complicated prescription drug requirements. Now, the technician must work independently, interacting with clients, entering information into computer databases where confidential patient information is stored, filling and labeling prescriptions, keeping track of inventory and handling payments and insurance claims. Pharmacy technician training not only prepares the student to take on these duties, it assures that people working in these jobs have a genuine interest in the work.

Health care professions are moving toward regulation and licensing in many localities. Thus, investing in a pharmacy technician training program will assure you that you will have the required credentials for employment in the future. As well, regulation usually comes with requirements for continuing education to assure competency: pharmacy technician training schools are expanding to provide upgrading to individuals already working in the profession. These educational opportunities are sure to improve as demand grows. In recent years, courses for pharmacy technician certification have become available online, so that those desiring education in this specialty can obtain credentials in a flexible, convenient learning environment.

As a profession, pharmacy technician is likely to grow in coming years and job opportunities for those with pharmacy technician certification are like to increase. This is not just because of increases requirements for credentials, but also because, as the percentage of seniors in the population increase, the demand for health care and pharmaceuticals will also increase. Currently, pharmacy technicians earn between $17,000 and $44,000 annually in the United states, with gradates of pharmacy technician training programs and those with the most experience commanding the higher wages.

R. Drysdale is a contributing editor to Pharmacy Technician Training at Accredited Online University, your one stop resource for the very best online college degree programs.

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