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Pharmacy Technician Salary

Pharmacy technicians are persons who look after the needs of the patients who bring the prescription or to the prescription sent electronically. Pharmacy technician career is a fairly rewarding one and experienced people earn handsome salary in this profession. The salary of pharmacy technicians is determined on a per-hour basis. It generally falls under $10-$18 per hour.

Pharmacy technicians can earn properly only if they are licensed technicians. This certificate proves that the technicians are capable of handling independently, as they learn all the skills required to be a pharmacy technician. They have to undergo recertification every two years. During the period of recertification, they are allotted with some contact hours. In this period, they can earn from various sources like pharmacy colleges, on-the-job training stores and other places. They can also open up some pharmacy technician training programs and create awareness regarding the role of pharmacy technicians. They can start earning for nearly 10 hours a day, if the technicians are employed under pharmacists. Experienced pharmacy technicians earn a lot more than the average earnings per hour of the market.

Pharmacy technicians can earn well if they are sincere and dedicated towards their work. This is a reference of their earnings taken in May 2004. Nearly 50% of pharmacists earn $9 to $14. On an average, the median hourly earning of pharmacy technicians is around $11. The top 10% earn more than $16. The industries that employ pharmacy technicians pay them reasonably well. In general hospitals, technicians may earn $13, while in other grocery stores they may get $11 - $12. In departmental stores, they may get $10.

The certified technicians can earn more if they work in the evenings or weekends. As they gain experience, they have an excellent advantage of having a perfect control during their working hours. Usually, pharmacy technicians are required all through the day and this naturally enables them to put more hours on work, for which they get paid better ultimately. This enables them to earn more with recognition.

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