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Is Satellite TV The Right Choice - Choosing Between Satellite TV and Cable TV

There remains a longstanding debate between satellite TV and cable TV. If you're not sure whether to go with cable TV or satellite TV, this article will help you start to formulate a comparison of what each has to offer. This article will not attempt to tell you which is right for you. You should be able to determine that for yourself when you have a more clear understanding of satellite TV and cable TV. Some of the major topics of consideration are availability, picture and sound quality, programming choices and cost.

The direct competition between satellite TV and cable TV has brought many positive results for consumers of both. Satellite TV and cable TV companies have begun to offer more services and programming while cutting prices on equipment, installation and programming. It is important to note that with cable TV in particular, programming and price can vary by region so the final decision may come down to what you find out from your local cable TV providers. In some cases you may get a big discount from a local cable provider if you show them that you can get your desired programming you want for less via satellite TV.

Consensus is that satellite TV has more programming options than cable TV, though less local programming. Cable TV is often, but not always, cheaper. Installation can be costly for satellite TV or require a long contract for free installation.

If you live in a rural area, chances are good that cable is not even an available option to you. In that case you will have to find a satellite TV provider. If you live in an area without a direct line of sight to one of the satellites or without a convenient dish mounting location, it may be impossible to get satellite TV. If there is a possible workaround, the satellite TV provider may hit you with additional installation charges to make it possible to point the dish at the satellite.

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