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Installation Tips for Direct TV HDTV Receivers

Few things compare to the crystal clear clarity and imagery offered by a HDTV unless it is the simple ease of installation found with Direct TV receivers. Setting up your receiver is not usually too difficult with the instruction manual, but there are other necessities besides a top-notch receiver such as connectors and cables. A low quality cable and/or connector is going to diminish your HDTV viewing experience, but a high quality cable and/or connector is going to give you an optimal viewing experience. Do you know the difference between a high quality and a low quality connector or cable? Do you know what is needed to get the most out of one of the many Direct TV HDTV receivers?

The most important thing to know about the quality of your installation of your Direct TV HDTV Receiver is whether the cable being used is solid copper core or simply copper clad steel. While copper clad steel is much less expensive than solid copper core, it will impede the signal strength and not allow the full quality of the HD digital output to reach your Direct TV HDTV receiver. This can be prevented by a professional installation of solid copper core RG6 coaxial cable from the satellite dish to your receiver.

There are two different dishes available to use for Direct TV HDTV receivers are th3 LNB and the 5 LNB. The only difference between the two is that the 5LNB has the capabilities to aim at two new satellites that carry the bulk of the HD transmissions from DIRECTV. This will give you more channels than the 3LNB is capable of receiving. This seems to make the choice an obvious one, but if these satellites are not visible from your location, then the 3LNB becomes a viable alternative. Both dishes are capable of receiving the HD transmissions.

Most connectors used in Direct TV HDTV receiver installation will be gold plated for seamless passing of your signal from one point to another. This has been the practice for many years now to reduce signal noise in connectors and do not let your installer tell you that you can save money by using ones that are not gold plated. The cost difference is minimal but the signal noise being passed is not minimal. Insist on only high quality connectors and cables for your installation to reduce signal noise.

Keeping these hints about Direct TV HDTV Receiver installation will help to keep the process smooth and easy and leave you ready to enjoy some of the finest program viewing available in the stunning clarity that only HDTV can deliver. Do not forget about the digital audio channels that come with every Direct TV HDTV programming package. This will only add to your home entertainment pleasures. Check out the available offer from DIRECTV today.

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