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Five (5) Tips to Help You Find a Professional Carpet Installer

Purchasing carpet for your home is a big decision. Making sure your new carpet is installed properly is just as important as choosing the right style, color and type of carpet. Knowing the facts about your installer will help you get better results.

Many carpet dealers have professional installers and will handle the details of installation for you. You may save money by purchasing your carpet from a source that does not provide installation services, but if you choose this route, be sure to hire a professional installer who knows what he is doing.

Here are some tips to help you choose a good carpet installer:

1. Experience

Find out how long the installer has been installing carpet and make sure his experience is in residential or custom homes. Five years is an acceptable amount of experience in most cases.

Consider the complexity of your job, too. The more complex you feel the job will be, the more experience you want to require of your installer.

2. Licensing and Bonding

Make sure your installer is licensed and bonded. To be certain, ask for copies of licensing and insurance information.

3. References

Ask for several references, and then follow up. Depending on the size of your job, you should ask for three or more references to get the right recommendations. Request recommendations for installation jobs performed at least six months prior so you can find out if any problems have arisen since the job was completed.

4. Get an Estimate – in Writing!

For comparison purposes, ask for the same information from each installer you consider. Be sure to include the following: Cost of installation based on the specific type of carpet you have purchased Estimated square yards to do the job Grade of padding to be used

5. Check out the Warranty

For added peace of mind, be sure to find out what kind of installation warranty the installer provides. Should problems arise in the future, you need to be certain about the terms of your warranty.

After You’ve Made Your Choice

Once you feel confident that you’ve chosen a good installer, be sure the contract you sign includes all materials, labor and anticipated start and completion dates for the project.

If you purchase your carpet from a dealer who handles installation, make sure all the areas mentioned above are covered thoroughly. Peace of mind is important when you’re spending money to put new carpet in your home, whether the job is large or small.

Following these tips should lighten the stress of getting the job done right and allow you to look forward to the luxurious feel of new carpet under your feet.

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