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DISH Network Installers - How to Get the Best

I've heard some real horror stories about satellite TV installers who've installed dishes that blew off the roof in a light wind, cable holes in walls that allowed water to leak into the house, and improperly aimed dishes that produced lousy TV reception.

So how do you find a reputable installer who will install your satellite TV system the right way?

First, you need to know what's involved so you can make sure the job will be done properly. And second, you need to find a company that knows what they're doing.

DISH Network Installation

Dish installation

For the best satellite TV reception you need a clear view of the southern sky. Ask your installer where the best place to mount your dish is, and make sure there are no obstructions such as trees or buildings blocking the path to the satellite.

If your installer mounts your dish on the roof or a wall of your house, make sure the screw holes are sealed. If your installer needs to mount your dish on the ground, make sure he or she uses a metal post. And make sure your dish is grounded to your home's electrical ground.

Satellite reception is measured by signal strength. Make sure your installer positions your dish to get a signal strength of 70 or higher.

Cable installation

The cable that connects your dish to your receivers will be run through a hole on the outside of your home to the inside rooms where you have televisions. Cable on the outside of your home should be secured with staples or clips that won't crush the cable, and the hole should be sealed.

Receiver installation

The cable will be fed through the interior walls of your home and connected to your receivers. Your installer will also connect the receiver to the nearest telephone jack so you can access pay-per-view programming.

Once the setup is complete, your installer will program your remote control so you can operate your receiver and your TV.

System activation

When your installer has finished installing your new system, he or she will call DISH Network to activate it and tell them which programming package you ordered. You will need to verify your address and other information with DISH Network in order to activate your system.

System instructions

After your satellite TV system has been activated, your installer is required to show you how to operate it. He or she will show you how to use the on-screen guide, how to locate channels, and how to set up a favorite channels list. Your installer will also school you on basic trouble shooting procedures.

Bottom Line

The best way to get the best installation from a professional installer is to get it through a reputable dealer who has installed enough units to know what he's doing.

The satellite dealer I recommend has been in business since 1994, and is one of DISH Network's top five dealers.

They not only have a satellite TV website they also have a satellite TV store, so they know the ropes when it comes to satellite TV installation. They give you a 30-day guarantee, so if you're not satisfied with your installation or your service you can get a refund.

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The author, Brian Stevens, is the senior editor for TheSatelliteTVGuide.com and has written extensively on DISH Network installers and installation.

Source: www.isnare.com