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Becoming a Pharmacy School Technician

If you have long dreamed of being involved in the pharmaceutical world you may want to consider becoming a pharmacy school technician. Going to pharmacy school and becoming a technician can prove to be a very rewarding career choice for a lot of people. Those that are passionate about helping people take care of themselves as well as passionate about other people in general will find that this is a very rewarding career choice, unlike anything else they could have chosen.

Who Becomes a Pharmacy School Technician?

If you have just started considering a job in pharmaceuticals you might not be quite sure if this is the career choice for you. If you are wondering who becomes involved in this career choice the answer is anyone with a passion for both medications and people. A pharmacy technician is the person at the pharmacy that deals with the medications as well as the people most often. In many pharmacies the actual pharmacist is there simply to supervise the whole process of fill prescriptions. The pharmacy technician is often the one that hears about the daily ins and outs of the customerís lives, and it becomes a relationship of sorts. If you love to help people and you donít mind hearing about their problems than you should definitely consider this career choice. You can become a pharmacy school technician in very little time.

Can A Pharmacy Technician Make Good Money?

Before pursuing this career path you may want to look into how much money you can expect to make. A pharmacy technician right out of school can expect to make decent money, though they will not become millionaires. The national average for the pharmacy technicianís right out of school is $19,000. While this isnít a whole lot it is pretty good considering that a pharmacy technician degree or certificate doesnít take all that long to acquire. Depending on where you live you have the ability to make much more than the national average, and you can always make a better deal for yourself depending on where choose to work.

Where Does a Pharmacy Technician Work?

Are you wondering where you would work as a pharmacy technician? This is a common question, because most people think of a pharmacy technician as being in the local pharmacy, and that is it. This is a common misconception, but there are many different places where a pharmacy technician can work. Of course, the most obvious is at your local pharmacy. In addition to a big name pharmacy you may also find employment with private pharmacyís, pharmaceutical companies, hospitals and medical facilities, or even insurance companies. As you can see there are a lot of job opportunities for a pharmacy technician, you could even become a pharmacy school technician, where you get to teach other people how to do your job!

Where Do I Go to Pharmacy Technician School?

There are a lot of pharmacy technician schools. You might be able to go your local university and get your degree there, but you might not live near a university that offers such a program. If a university doesnít offer the program you might want to check with your local community college as they often have a lot of great programs such as schooling for a pharmacy technician. Community colleges may also be much more affordable, even if the university nearest you does offer such a program. If you are currently working in another field and you donít have the time to go to school several times a week you may want to check out some other options. There are many online pharmacy technician schools that you might be able to attend when it is convenient for you. These online schools are very beneficial because you can get your education when you need it but you donít have to upset your life to do that. You can simply log on and get it done when you are off of work, and before you know it you will have the certification that you need.

Final Thought A pharmacy school technician degree can take you wherever you want to go. What is great is that this is a necessary job that will always be around. You donít have to worry about getting your degree or certification and then being replaced by technology in the future. This is also not a job that can be done in one city, in one state, or even in one country. There are companies that are in need of a pharmacy school technician from all over the world in various settings. Why not take advantage of the need and enjoy a very rewarding career?

Pharmacy School Technician

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