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Abatement of Free Cable Signals Abuses

Cable Television companies lost millions in revenues as people stole the signals with de-scrambling devices. Some say but those signals were traveling thru the air and no one owns them so they believed getting free television was appropriate.

When satellite TV came the same thing happened, but today it is much different and the satellite TV folks have been able to abate the freeloaders from stealing the signals, with special cards, which have special coding to allow the signal to be captured. Is this system fool- proof?

No, it is not in fact there are ways to get those signals for free, however also realize that much of this high-tech tactics of thievery are not so open or common knowledge to the common person and some of the technology is somewhat secret. You see our military in time of war has to be able to tap signals from enemies and information sources and they are able to get such signals.

Satellite TV companies go to great lengths to prevent these things, but thieves also go to great lengths to duplicate code cards so they can sell them to others to get free TV. The days of stealing cable signals and TV Satellite signals are becoming numbered. This indeed good for many reasons as it means less cost for all the rest of us, because more people will have to actually pay for what they have been using. Consider this in 2006.

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