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A List of Essential Tools You Should Have When Working on a PC

So here's a short list of essential tools you need to have when working on a PC. Remember to bring them along - you will most certainly have an easier time when working on that PC of yours.

A computer tool kit for PC maintenance

Philips Screwdriver

Gosh, this is the most important tool for me as a computer hardware enthusiast. All computer parts are connected by screws - from add-on card slots to drive bays and PC casings. Remember to get a screwdriver that does not have a magnetic tip - magnetized objects inside your PC may damage some circuits.

Cable Ties

If you're like me, you'll hate the sight of untidy cables. Whenever I open up an old PC, I just roll my eyes at the mess of wires inside. Here's where the humble cable tie (also known as zip ties) came in really handy. Organize those untidy cables into bundles, route them through specific paths and tie them up. Not only does this improve the look of your computer's insides, it also helps airflow.


I always remember these. How are tweezers useful when working with a computer? Well, when you accidentally drop a screw into the deep, dark regions of the motherboard! Use those tweezers to reach into tight spots or for retrieving that lost screw. I also tend to use tweezers for removing or changing jumpers on hard drives, optical drives and the motherboard.

Lint Free Cloth

If you have an old computer, you can be sure dust is accumulated inside that PC. This can cause lots of problems - in particular, it can clog up fans and air slots, raising the PC's temperature. Using a lint free cloth to wipe off that dust from your case or components.

Grounding Strap

If you've read my guide on maintaining a PC, you'll be well aware that static electricity can cause severe damage to electrical components in your computer. Prevent this by using a grounding strap. This is usually a Velcro strap with a metal contact to help discharge any static charge built up on your PC.

Windows Installation CD and Boot Disk

Many people forget that the original Windows installation CD and its accompanying boot disk is a very important toolkit for a computer enthusiast. The Windows installation CD is very useful whenever the operation system asks for a Windows driver. The boot disk, on the other hand, is very useful if the computer fails to boot up. If you don't have a boot disk, check out this link which offers free boot disk images for download.


I like to have a big tool kit to store all of the above things. It also makes me feel like a handy computer guy too . A tool kit helps to keep all your important tools in a central place so you never forget anything.


Well, you now know what tools to bring along when next working with your PC. Remembering to bring these tools will help your maintenance or setup job that much easier. Good luck!

Gary Hendricks runs a hobby site on building computers. Visit his website at Build-Your-Own-Computers.com for tips and tricks on assembling a PC, as well as buying good computer components.

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